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Coming Soon - Hoopla updates

December 7 2021

Hoopla Flex is coming to all NLLS libraries December 20.


You can keep enjoying all the great Hoopla content you already love and get more!


Why Hoopla Flex?

Our patrons LOVE Hoopla. The two most common complaints we get from our patrons are 1) They can’t find new content, and 2) They want MORE access to it!


What is different about Hoopla Flex?

Hoopla Flex borrows are not the same as Hoopla Instant borrows. Flex borrows fall under the One License One User model (like Overdrive).

What is different about the Flex Collection is that these items will be available to ONLY NLLS patrons so wait times will be significantly reduced.

Patrons also have a flexible number of borrows each month. They can check out 10 at a time, but when they return an item they will immediately be able to borrow another!

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