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Book Suggestions from FFF Contest

July 13 2022

Here's the entire list of suggestions we received from the Fresh Finds Friday contest that ran in June.

They'll be posted in our social media individually over the course of the year, but if you're looking for suggestions to get into this summer here's a whole batch for you to look in to.


They are simply alphabetical by title, there is no age or genre sorting.


Book Title > who suggested it > what they said about it

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder - by Holly Jackson Morgan This book is a mystery read, one of my current favourite genres, and is based in a contemporary setting which makes the book easier to relate to. This novel also features teenagers as the main characters, similar to “One Of Us Is Lying”— another popular novel.
A History of Wild Places - by Shea Ernshaw Nicole A captivating mystery that holds your attention right till the end
A Way of His Own - by Thomas A. Dyer TJ  I like primitive adventure books, and imagining what it was like to live back then. It kept me interested, and I still think about it now years later. 
American Dirt - by Jeanine Cummins Nicole A moving story created from a tragic event that will keep you interested right from the start. 
Andrew's Loose Tooth - by Robert Munsch Claire It was funny, and they couldn't get the tooth out! Claire is 4 and is looking forward to losing her first tooth sometime soon.
Aster And The Accidental Magic - by Thom Pico Alison It was funny and I liked the illustrations alot
Baby Sitters Club: Goodbye Stacey, Goodbye - by Gabriela Epstein Leah They'll like this book because when you read it you feel what they feel.
Before We Were Yours - by Lisa Wingate Alaina Heart wrenching story about the real-life scandal Georgia Tann, director of a Memphis-based adoption organization, kidnapped and sold poor children to wealthy families but the heart never forgets where it truly belongs.
Braiding Sweetgrass - by Robin Wall Kimmerer Jennifer & Leila This book explores our relationship with the land and how we can live in with reciprocity and honour. I read it last summer and plan on reading it again this summer. / It makes you think differently about the earth around you, not taking it for granted as much. It is an excellent read, and so interesting. 
Captain Underpants - by Dav Pilkey Jackson  It is a funny book that makes me laugh. I like the things they say in it, and the flippy parts of the book. 
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - by Roald Dahl Abbie I liked it because it was like the movie but with more detail
Charlotte's Web - by E.B. White Abbie I liked it because it was like the movie but with more detail
Cilka's Journey - by Heather Morris Michelle This is a great read for anyone who loves historical fiction , particularly WW11 history.  
Daisy the Donut Fairy - by Tim bugbird Alison The rhyming story makes it easy and fun to read.  
Diana Princess of the Amazons - by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale Alison The graphic comic has awesome drawings and the characters are cute
Distress signal - by Mary Lambert Kaycee This book was a great read because it involved team work and how to survive in the wilderness. If people like disaster and survival they will like this book because it provides examples of the challenges of living in the wilderness.
Ghosts - by Raina Telemeier Abbie & Harlow I liked this book because I found it a good laugh / I think that people will like the book Ghosts because it has a lot of excitement in it.
Hail Mary - by Andy Weir Nicole Space and science made into a interesting a fun read.  
Harry Potter - by J.K. Rowling Narrated by Jim Dale  Leila  I am working through the Harry Potter series on audiobook. Jim Dale adds such emotion to the story, you feel like you are in the room as it is happening. He also uses different voices for the different characters which makes it quite a wonderful experience to listen to. 
Hi, Koo - by Jon J. Muth Abbie I liked it because of the sad panda
I Hunt Killers - by Barry Lyga  Robynne I loved this entire series. It kept me guessing and the premise (americas most notorious serial killer training his son to follow in his foot steps) was an amazing storyline.
I'm a Frog - by Mo Willems Abbie I like it because it is silly
Let's Go For a Drive - by Mo Willems Abbie I liked it because it has Gerald and Piggie
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way - by Alice Schertle Lachlan  I love Little Blue truck and his friends.  If you love trucks, you will love this book!
Ms. Marvel - by Alphana Herring Edie I liked it because it was very exciting/full of drama (the perfect mix)
My Best Friends Exorcism - by Grady Hendrix Robynne It was a a horror book that scared me a few times but kept it very interesting 
No One Will Miss Her - by Kat Rosenfield Eryn This dark and twisty thriller will leave you wanting more! 
Not a Nickel to Spare - by Perry Nodelman Abbie I like this book because of the history
Not A Sound - by Heather Gudenkauf Monique Writer is an excellent storyteller, bits and pieces here and there and all comes together in the end.  I enjoyed all her books. 
One Of Us Is Lying - by Karen M McManus  Robynne I could not put this book down. Trying to figure out which character was responsible and who actually did it was a pretty great twist. If I could, I would recommend all of Karen McManus’ books!
Phoebe and Her Unicorn - by Dana simpson Alison The main character phoebe makes me laugh
Real Friends - by Shannon Hale and Lauyen Pham Alison I like the characters and the story reminds me of real life.
Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories - by Jeff Kinney Alison They are short stories that are quick to read.  It is funny.  
Secret Daughter - by Shilpi Somaya Gowda Leila I enjoy books that show the connections people/families have, even when they aren't aware of them. It flips between the different points of view, and is well written. 
The BFG - by Roald Dahl Abbie I like this book for the fantasy
The Book of Negroes - by Lawrence Hill  Leila  Excellent writing, captivating storyline. It follows the life of Aminata, who was brought into the slave trade as a young child. The story follows her to old age. 
The Cay - by Theodore Taylor Abbie I liked this book for the setting
The Day the Crayons Came Home - by Drew Daywalt Abbie I like this book because it is funny
The Girl in the Lake - by India Hill Brown Abbie I loved the end
The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea - by Axie Oh Lillian So well written and poignant 
The Girl With All the Gifts - by M.R. Carey Justin It’s a story much along the same vein as the video game and future HBO show The Last of Us. A different type of zombie story if you like that genre. 
The Hormone Repair Manual - by Dr. Lara Briden Jodie This book explains everything anyone needs to know about what’s happening with peri menopause and menopause. It is a life saver!
The Host - by Stephanie Meyer Nicole The internal dialog writing is interesting.  As a movie it did not hold up, but as a book it makes great interesting reading.
The Name of the Wind - by Patrick Rothfuss  Justin A very interesting fantasy book, almost like a Harry Potter for adults. Found the characters very interesting and his story of revenge great. First book in the King Kiiller Chronicles
The Nightingale - by Kristen Hannah  Erin I love historical WWII fiction and a strong female lead.  The most memorable book I’ve read!
The Perfume Collector - by Kathleen Tessaro Alaina Fantastic novel about the power of scent, a monetary gift from a stranger and the intricacy of the person you are expected to be and the person you truly are!
The Pilgrim's Progress - by John Bunyan Joshua As a struggling Christian, this book still gives me hope to move forward against all obstacles.
The Reading List - by Sara Nisha Adams Alaina This novel is a heartwarming story about the connection people through reading popular novels (such as “To Kill A Mocking Bird”) and the library. It illustrates how we can relate to and learn from characters we read about and share that passion with others. A great summer read!
The Weight Of Silence - by Heather Gudenkauf Monique Writer is an excellent storyteller, bits and pieces here and there and all comes together in the end.  This was the first I read, tough subject matter at times but well written. 
There There - by Tommy Orange  Jennifer Captivating characters explore what it means to be an urban native living in Oakland California.  It allows you to enter into the varied experience of others 
Underground to Canada - by Barbara Smucker Abbie I liked it for the history/timeline and it teaches you about the past.
Verity - by Colleen Hoover Lindsay  You don’t know who is telling the truth by the end! If you like psychological thrillers, this is a MUST read! 
We Were Liars - by E. Lockhart Alyssa Was a very interesting book that left you really thinking. Ending was very surprising and suspenseful. 
Where the Crawdads Sing - by Delia Owens Alaina Best.Book.Ever! A must read!
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