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SRP 2020 - Prize Reveal

August 11 2020

Hello Summer Program friends!

We have 7 prizes for you to apply your ballots to this summer.


You're earning draw ballots for your time spent reading, if you sent in a July Bingo card, and for video codes you gather. Watch this video and make note of which prizes appeal to you, then let Miss Kat know if you want your ballots divided between all the prizes, or only a few specific prizes.

Have this information to Miss Kat no later than the day your reading logs are due, August 24, 2020.


There will be a couple fun extras tucked in with the prize bundles, so if you win something you'll get a few surprise items too.


A big thank you to the businesses that supported SRP 2020.

  • TC Energy
  • Mythik Games Inc
  • Dairy Queen Bonnyville
  • Tellier Guardian Pharmacy
  • Pharmasave Davey Drug Mart


We're almost done the summer program for the year.

Happy reading!

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Ava Baldwin

My ballots are 5 in number 2, prize five I want 2 ballets, prize 4 I want 2 ballets also, thank you.