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September 20 2021

The Province has updated the guidance for restrictions that come into effect September 20th as part of the Covid-19 Provincial Health Emergency.


As part of the updated guidance, libraries are considered entities that need to be accessed by the public for daily living purposes, and as such are not included in the organizations/businesses that can implement the restrictions exemption program. Libraries are instead directed to take other steps to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  

Libraries must observe mandatory public health measures including:

  1. Mandatory masking indoors.
  2. Maintaining 2 metres distancing between members of different households; additionally, attendees (library patrons) must be with household members only or 2 close contacts if they live alone.
  3. Library capacity is limited to 1/3 fire code occupancy. Please see above link for more details.


Library programs for youth under 18 can continue if they follow the guidance for youth activities, which include:

  1. Screen youth for symptoms prior to participation.
  2. Maintain 2 metres physical distancing, except between youth who are engaged in a physical activity.
  3. Maintain masking indoors, except for youth who are engaged in a physical activity.


- Youth programming that requires adult to support the youth (ex: a parent & tot story time) may continue under the guidance for youth activities, with the addition that adults must be masked at all times and remain 2 metres distanced from those outside their household at all times.


- Programming which contains a mix of adult and youth, where the adults are not required to support the youth (ex: a book club), would follow the guidance for adult activities and would not be permitted to continue indoors.


- Adult indoor programing is not able to continue indoors.

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